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Title Date Description
Post-Traumatic Cartman Syndrome 11/16/98 A purged post about a South Park Sliders parody.
Top Ten Sliders Spin-off Possibilities 12/16/98 "Blinker's Spin-off possibilities" -SliderQuinn21
Top Ten Possible Explanations for Reruns 1/8/99 "Another classic Blinker Top Ten" -SliderQuinn21
Season length related to quality? 3/5/99 "The genetically-enhanced snakes were a return to the sci-fi elements that were missing" - Executive on "Stoker" [sic]
Year Five info - get it while it's HOT!! 3/22/99 "First accurate Mallory & Diana spoilers" - Callie21V
C.D. CD Campaign Banner 3/23/99 The C.D. on CD campaign gets a banner.
"Othergates1.1" or "Blinker does fanfic" 5/3/99 Blinker's first serious attempt at fanfic
The (temporary) story archive is up! 5/21/99 "Most anticlimactic site debut... EVER." - Blinker
Earth 69: Peckinpah trashes the Oldies! 5/25/99 "The very first Earth 69 post" - Blinker
Top 10 Executive Reactions To This Post 6/22/99 This post was archived by Blinker. The original has been purged by Sci-Fi
Farewell... 7:'-( 6/23/99 "Thanks to Slider_Sarah, we now have a few replies from a critical lost chapter of BBoard history: the thread where board opinion swung decisively against Executive." - Blinker
More crazy Executive fun! [NSR] 7/22/99 "Furthur: The Sequal! [sic]" - Blinker
POLL: Bulletin board "improvements"... 8/3/99 "Bonnie Hammer paints Sci-Fi the colour of CRACK." - Blinker
Blinker's Tribute to Season Four Quinn 8/12/99 Announcing "Strawberry Quinn Forever"
About this board (ALL PLEASE READ) 8/22/99 "Save the Whales!, BBoard"
The Way It Wuz, 8/16 - 8/22 8/24/99 "This has to be my favorite issue" - Brand_S
Maggie's a slut, and Execrable's an oaf. 10/3/99 Blinker thinks Exec has it backwards.
Slide-It-Yourself winners announced. 10/11/99 "7:-#" - Blinker
Advisory: Consecutive = jupiter_2002 10/15/99 "I still believe this was Exec." - Blinker
Well, I did my best. 12/7/99 "*sniff*" - Blinker
A Visit From St. Clare Entertainment 12/9/99 "Merry Christmas to all, and BAK, LEARN HOW TO WRITE!!!!"
GARBAGE!! Get yer crap here!! 12/17/99 "The worst of SIY" - Blinker
rdwebster = hypocrite. [All can read] 1/28/00 "The Ultimate Anti-rdwebster Post" - Blinker
The Way It Wuz: February 2, 2000 2/3/00 "First ref to Dammy as 'Lunchboy'" - Blinker
*yawn* 3/5/00 "Slider Paul Flame Series" Part I
Paul, you brain-damaged trilobite... 3/26/00 "Slider Paul Flame Series" Part II
"Mook..." 3/28/00 "Slider Paul Flame Series" Part III
Yo, lasagna face! 3/29/00 "Slider Paul Flame Series" Part IV
A relrelrelaboo lie... exposed. 4/13/00 The handle detective on the case.
slidres is nuttng but PORNO!!!!! so THER 4/27/00 "Lexx *NEVER* sank to *THIS* level." -Blinker
Phone Booth World theme song... 6/12/00 "... and what if you can't find the correct change to dial home?"
Global TV is on CRACK. [entirely SR] 7/22/00 The coinage of "CRACK". is on CRACK. [quite SR] 8/8/00 "Tragically, this article seems to have been scrubbed from the net as well. 7:-(" -Blinker
If Tom Green Played Quinn... the Top 10 8/16/00 "Inspired by HK's post. 7:-D" -Blinker
Season Three WAS about family values?! 8/21/00 "A tour de force examination of Peckinpah's warped family values in season three." -TemporalFlux
Peck's version of THE GUARDIAN (movie!!) 11/17/00 Earth 1712 -- "PECK [beaming]: Trust me. It's Sliders to a whole new level. You're gonna LOVE this."
David Peckinpah = Brannon Braga? 11/21/00 "My theory is that they were separated at birth" - Blinker
Quintessential Diana 2—Electric Tembiloo 12/11/00 "Give this girl an Emmy!!! ...or at least some lines." -Blinker
PTSS... on Earth 69. (VIDEO!!) 12/19/00 From the director of "Quinntum Leap" and "Maggie Does Dallas"...
To CRACKfinity And Beyond 3/7/01 "7:-O" - Blinker
gateHAVEN Update [4/30] 4/30/01 "I LIKE YELLING" - Recall317
"Obsession" weakens split theory? 7/8/01 "Blinker blows the parallel earth theory to kingdom come" - Recall317
Put Sliders in your MP3 player! [GHR] 9/1/01 Sliders Virtual Soundtrack
New BBoard feature: "Beginning Text" 10/18/01 A new feature or just bullsh
BBoard Glossary [NJLAR] 11/18/01 "Although there's a high chance it will end up Gate Haven, I nominate Blinker's Glossary. Instant classic." - Recall317
Recovered fragments of Dominion, MCA etc 1/16/02 Blinker finds the Wayback Machine.
The Geoff341 lie... examined. 4/5/02 "Who's the man with no name who always cracks the case? Blinker! You're damn right..." - Recall317
Holy 7:-#! UPDATED! 8/28/02 "I don't cherish a staple site being dismantled for no tangible reason." - ST
The Dominion Sliders BBoard... c. 1996 11/23/02

"Mmmmm...archive." -Slider_Quinn21

BBoard listings cut off most recent post 4/15/03 "Let's hope they can fix this without deleting anything..." - Blinker


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