This section is for various BBoard parties, long-running contests, wars, and other events.
Title Date(s) Description
The Beret War January - March, 1999 The fight against ridiculous headgear begins.
The Airing of "Roads Taken" April 16, 1999 "Talk about polarizing..." -Blinker
The Robert Floyd Adventure August 3, 1999 Sure, Robert Floyd hangs out at the bboard... not.
Party Time! September, 1999 - ???? The Studios USA party outlived the Studios USA Sliders board.
Wacky Christmas Post Party!! Woo Hoo!!!! December 24, 1999 - January 4, 2000 "...206 replies, spawned such enduring BBoard personalities as Ed_The_Sock, and was generally a hell of a lot of fun." -Blinker
Chaser9's Wedding! February 29, 2000 - March 5, 2000 "An interactive fanfic event!"
Woo Hoo!! 5th Anniversary Post Party!!!! March 22 - April 9, 2000 Five years after Sliders premieres, the fans still party.
Beret War II April - May, 2000 A new wave of violence erupts over silly hats.
The Daria Teen Hoax May 5 - 18, 2000 "The jig becomes up" -Blinker
BBoard Pool Party!!!!!!! <starting here> June 15 - 18, 2000 It's just not a party without Teddy Ruxpin
HK's Bboard Pool Party Continues...
Darkslider's Tournament of Pee June - July, 2000 Finally, an excuse to flame your friends out of existance.
Tuesday Night 'Fever'? September 5, 2000 "Too bad it didn't air Saturday night." - Blinker
Sliders: The Survival September - December, 2000 Board members compete to be the ultimate survivor.
Tournament of Flamey Goodness and LOVE™ December 29, 2000 - August 8, 2001 And you thought the first tournament took a long time...
Post 25,000. Let's outreply the Census!! February 14-17, 2001 "Come as an alternate of your favourite poster, and watch our semi-talented yet ever-expanding band of Exec impersonators warble the hits." -Blinker
<Rips clothes off!!> June 26 - 29, 2001 "HEY!!!! I was promised a
>:-#-ing post party!!! Where the >:-# is it????????????" -SL4ever
Sliders Academy Awards December 26, 2001 - ???? "Some of the better episode commentary we've seen in awhile." -TemporalFlux
Pilot Post Party!! Come one, come all!!! March 22 - 27, 2002 Celebrating the 7th anniversary of the Sliders pilot broadcast.
2000th POST PARTY Pt. 2 August 13-18, 2002 And you thought the 2000th post was made back in '98?
"Air seasons only with..." January 11-13, 2003 "Poor elzso" -Blinker
April Fool's Day 2003 April 1, 2003 "I know everyone knows how sweet Ya'll are :) You're not meanies" - Yeontoo to SpaceTime and Darkslider
Sliders Favorite Episode Survivor August 7 - October 8, 2002 There can be only one.
Sliders Least Favorite Episode Survivor January 15 - March 21, 2003 It's a race to the bottom.
Sliders Christmas Survivor December 25-27, 2003 "Season's Greedings" vs. "The Breeder"?
Sliders Valentine Survivor January 30 - February 17, 2004 Awwwww.


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