These are posts by authors pretending to be other members of the Board.  Thieves copy other posters handles by inserting an underscore, changing capitalization, or using alternate spellings of recognized Board handles.

Title Thief Date Description
ive ben a big jerk. kathias right. Cryin_ 5/18/1999 "The funniest handle thief to date..." - Blinker
Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I have an imposter....... mars_2003 10/13/1999 "And finally, I don't sell ice cream, dumbass!" - Executive
Wade & Magie belong in the Kitchen ThomasMallthus 1/6/2000 This is NOT ThomasMalthus!
Space Time is a loser! mrbrown_1602 1/16/2000 "You could always add the posts made by that mrbrown1602 clone" - mrbrown1602
Jim Varney [NSR] Matt_2 7/25/2000 "It was one of the few posts that showed my soft side" - Matt_2