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The Poetry of Sliders 3/27/97 ChicagoFan The only MCA Netforum posts in the HoF
Season 5 looking like garbage... 9/10/98 Tico#7
Sliders Fans: Enter the Human Re-Ed Center! Visit Oracle World! 6/10/98 The Dominion Feedback

"'And if you're clever, you might find some secret
Kromagg information that will come to bear in future weeks.'

? " -Blinker

S5 - Sorry, but I HAVE to vent... (splr) 10/26/98 ke_chara Dreading Season 5 rumors are true.
Remmie's song for me! | my song... 11/10/98 last_slider O'Connell Love
By Rembrandt "Cryin' Man" Brown and Chell Jenkins
"The Fire Within " - a question ! | Thanx to all ... 11/19/98 LCSlider "Unfortunately the writer from the storys don`t retain it."
New To The Board - Seeking Advice 12/9/98 BritSlider First BritSlider post
Appreciatin` the "Slide"... 12/18/98 Cryin Cryin on Sliders
I DREAM OF SLIDING 1/3/99 Sliding_Paul First Sliding_Paul/Slider_Paul post: And the stage is set for a four-years-and-counting nightmare of ineptly perpetrated 'revenge.' -Blinker
not an actual post 1/13/99 sweetone Oldest surviving sweetone post.
Which Remmy? 1/15/99 Galiz13 "Your point BEING?" - Callie21V
Hi Everyone 2/17/99 Jaguar71 "Jaguar71 arrives" - Callie21V
Hey, TF... 3/11/99 SciFiWatcher "Can you read? I'm not Snort." -Executive
Sliders "bland" - AltaVista 3/15/99 John_Ransom "The only remaining proof that this article existed.
7:-#" - Blinker
Notes on the recent AltaVista reviews... 3/15/99 THE_braniac5
SNN 3/19/99 spindoc spindoc on the Story Game
Please vote for Farscape at the SF wire 4/7/99 trapperben "No, I told you there were TWO polls" - Executive
Update to Temp's Interesting Observation 4/13/99 OzSlider Script p-codes explained.
Remember... 4/18/99 DSproxima "Who WAS that non-masked man?" - Blinker
Gillian: Stop speaking in public! 4/20/99 LShel Meet LShel
BIG Sliders News from the SciFi Wire 4/23/99 JToner First news of Geiger casting.
Like the O'Connell brothers - I'm gone.. 4/23/99 danbagel "NEVER announce you're leaving" - Executive
Newcomer 5/5/99 MallorysMom Meet MallorysMom
Do we hate Jerry O'Connell now? 5/24/99 SliderMike "Give it time..." - Callie21V
Somebody used my name! 5/29/99 CanadianSlider "Yyyyyyyeah..." - Callie21V
joc and coc is new stars on buffy... 6/8/99 TemporalFlux1 "Here's where you get caught AGAIN!" -The_Cynic
Earth 69: If you think *Colin's* wooden… | Wow! 6/21/99 akjude First akjude post.
Robert Floyd chat transcript 7/8/99 lucast "Appears to be Tim Lucas' first and only post." - Blinker
Poll. Important. Read this. 7/13/99 Enigma666 Slide like an Egyption... er, Eygptian... um, Eygiptian...
"The Seer"(Huge Spoilers) 7/13/99 Gwam Well, it could have happened that way...
the wade ep... 7/16/99 TornadoAly The first Canadian to report seeing Requiem
ohhhh, you are soooooo crule, (jk)(nt)
Help! somebody please, I am so Lost! 7/26/99 daveyramone "The first slider409 post" -Blinker
I find the script writing contest... 7/30/99 nycslider The first mention of Slide-It-Yourself
Why was Sliders Canceled? 8/3/99 Cordelia99 "Exec works Tf's line about all of Sci-Fi's ratings going down into his usual BS about ratings getting Sliders cancelled. I guess that's progress." -Blinker

Why don't you all just grow up!!!

8/7/99 Shannon_Stone Yet another moron...
Robert Floyd is awesome. 8/11/99 Third_Of_Five Third_Of_Five professes his undying devotion to Robert Floyd (Mallory)
A MUST READ FOR ALL SLIDERS FANS 8/13/99 _Arturo_ "It is my page, and it is really informative, if I do say so myself." - SlidersCentral
While everybody flares you, 8/14/99 QBall43185 "What I dislike about QBall43185" - Brand_S
BEFORE YOU DIE IS FINALLY UP!!! 8/16/99 stuslide Oldest surviving Alternate Spin post.
That wasnt Fresno 8/19/99 MrSurreal "I like fresno ... but I do have alergy probs here. I have lost temperarally I hope some hearing in one of my ears do to the bad air... so you do have a point" - jlbanker
FUCK!!!! 8/19/99 IM_SCI_FI_MAN "The most useless warning of all time" -Blinker
do not read above post (offensive) 8/19/99 mouthy
Entire media is biased against Sliders 8/21/99 sliderdave "Damn you, liberal media!" -Blinker
Can someone please explain this to me!!! 8/23/99 dragonl "remember that little scuffle Buffyboy and SpaceTime had? Well, I found where it all started!" - Brand_S (part II)
To all Fanfic writers... 8/24/99 stuslide "The genesis of 'Eleven Questions for Sliders Writers'" -Blinker
a poll /READ IT ANYWAY MY TOLD YOU! 8/25/99 weeeezr "id slide to any world i could see the brothers mallory ina towel!" -weeeezr
Subliminal advertising 8/27/99 SlidingThrough "Shouldn't that be 'subliminable'?" -Blinker
New Member Intro and Question 9/5/99 SciFiMs First SciFiMs post.
What does your handle represent? 9/7/99 TheSlidingKlingon "That's... a lot of handles." -Blinker
Last slide of Darkness ruled! 9/10/99 Jster "Say hello to Peckinpah's target audience." - Blinker
POLL:Who cried during Requiem?? 9/12/99 VortexMan C'mon. Admit it.
QBall79: Re: the chat 10/16/99 Michael_Mallory "A memento of the infamous Saturday Night SIY Beer Bash" - Blinker
It's time for me to go... 10/21/99 Mallory "Mallory: The King of Maudlin." - Blinker
Just so you know. 10/22/99 NAnnie4334 "You're a hypocritical prick." - Brand_S
Great news for Sliders 10/27/99 CaptainGalaxy "It's the first two replies here that really make the thread. I love AfL." - Blinker
Can't stand Maggie and "new" Mallory 11/03/99 SG1_Team First SG1_Team post. "Maggie is supposed to have been military trained. IN THOSE SHOES!???"
Curious about handles... 11/4/99 lastslider More handle origins.
y r u peeps still watching this show 11/7/99 sliderssuxwojerry The sliderssuxwojerry adventure: "That was a fun one!" - Brand_S
That was all a fake... 11/8/99 sliderssuxwojerry
New Fanfic Page (Shameless Plug)! 12/02/99 wadesdiary

First wadesdiary post.

The Seer 12/11/99 TheOne19 TheOne19's debut.
Da doctor is in 12/12/99 Doctor_Quinn Doctor_Quinn's first post.
Rintok? NSR - Sorry 12/12/99 rdwebster rdwebster misses it completely
SpaceTime you weanie!! 1/7/00 COMPSLIDER


"Yes, it is." - ST

MORE NEW EPISODES!?! 3/21/00 STMSTS Ripped from the mind of David Peckinpah
Ratings Math Post!!!!! 3/24/00 TemptressInfinity "This was the post that pretty much shut down Executive's arguments that Sci-Fi's ratings followed the network standard." - TemporalFlux
"Howard Gray" (unknown) 4/21/00 Yeontoo Blessings, Howard Gray
TIP's classy classic post 4/24/00


TheIrrelevantPoster's typically TIP post
Some reflections on Sliders 4/27/00 CaptainKate Introducing CaptainKate
To Chaser9, and everyone on the board. 5/3/00 Prime2099 Prime2099's Season 6.
hi, i'm new to the board! 5/8/00 chocolate_mozart First chocolate_mozart post
POLL: Which Season's Remmy is your fav.? 5/25/00 sliderules "The first Sliderules Survey (though it wasn't called as such 'til #2)" -Blinker
New here!!!! please respond!!! 6/12/00 Sliderkitty First Sliderkitty post.
Bienvenue 6/14/00 RajunCajun Say hello to RajunCajun.
Applesauce Chips 6/15/00 ChrissaSlider "First known mention of Applesauce Chips!" -Blinker
A different Stax than yours 7/4/00 STAXwithIGN Did he mention he's not our Stax_?
I'm really disappointed in you guys. 7/30/00 FunnyManJake "FunnyManJake gets thrashed by Tf...
Allo. 7/30/00 Silly_Sillerson ...and moments later, returns under a new alias." - Blinker
SpaceTime why dont you Shut the........ 7/31/00 Timer54321 "'Retart': and another catchphrase is born." - Blinker
Round 17 final results in! 8/21/00 czanimal "Sliders fans triumph in a massive, multi-BBoard Sci-Fi Survivor game." - Blinker
New Slider on the Block 8/30/00 sliderlynn First sliderlynn article
BBSA: UPDATE (IMPORTANT!) 10/8/00 Nobuyuki "If I see anyone go Peckinpah on the story...well, there's not much I can do about it, but it's really DAMN rude. NOTE: This includes not only story elements, but also characterizations." -Nobuyuki
Famous Hollywood Star a SLIDER Fan!!! 12/6/00 cc_deville "I think I would make a wonderful Arturo, don't you agree?"
DianaPoll; rate THE UNSTUCK MAN 12/12/00 DianaDavis "Of course i'm smart, just not a genius." -slider75
HEY STUPIDS: Its not "Time Again and Wor 12/29/00 JaseFace "JaseFace is taught a valuable lesson." - Recall317
Black S 1/5/01 Rocks1966 "Callie's reply put this one over the top" - Recall317
POLL... most Quin(n)tessential episodes 3/16/01 zyzzybalubah First zyzzybalubah post
Yet Another Virtual Season (PVT) 3/22/01 phoenix77 Phoenix Virtual Television premiere's its S6.
What I want 6/5/01 CinnamonSpiceGirl Well don't look at me. I'm a married man.
Wondering about those former Sliders? 8/14/01 imLissyurNot First imLissyurNot post.
question session 9/4/01 Sliderfanatic "One of my favorite debates of all-time" -Recall317
Starboard - JOC's word on Sliders movie 9/18/01 SFDarlin JOC comments on the possiblity of a Sliders motion picture.
HEY!! ANYONE HAVE INFO? 10/18/01 eber3 First eber3 post.
Any chance of sliders novels? 4/1/02 Ravani Ravani's debut
Why Sliders Failed 7/27/02 JThunder101 "Although I agree conflict among the main chacters is good, this show was an exception."
Sliders Video VHS 8/1/02 Sadie10111 "You have to admire the sheer gaul" -Recall317
Sliders reruns to return Sept. 23 @ 1pm. 8/1/02 willandsmith2001 "Two years later, daily Sliders reruns make their triumphant return" -Blinker
Questions about Quinn's parents 10/15/02 BunnyLuvr Interesting speculation...
Reply to Fogboy's Trek thread 12/29/02 Wrong_Arturo "Voyager is responsible for Internet porn, the Columbine shootings and the mistrial of O.J. Simpson." - Wrong_Arturo
How long you been on the bboard? 1/4/03 Arturo6 "We learn something new every time this poll comes up..." -Blinker
Virtual Slide (spoilers) 1/15/03 svetlanamonsoon "First svetlanamonsoon post (and an interesting observation)" -Blinker
Sort the timer out! 2/23/03 OlSkoolSlider First OlSkoolSlider post.
fan fic posts 8/29/03 JTHeyman First JTHeyman post.
The Exodus 9/23/03 db3cool "First db3cool post. I guess that's one way to make Exodus scary." -Blinker
science fiction shows 10/19/03 bremen "...the great
slyderx vs slyderx battle (which admittedly I haven't
read) is just so surreal it needs to be preserved.
And maybe then the poor deluded bastard will feel he
has enough recognition to stop posting already." -Recall317
New fan with question? 1/1/04 Celestial7 "Introducing Celestial7. What better day for a first post?" -Blinker


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