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Date: 09/29/2002
From: Blinker

BLINKER [grimacing at Otherworlds graphics in progress]: Ugh! Ten gazillion images on the web and not a single shot of a room made of algae melting in on itself!

SYNTHIA: You could always modify a picture of your fridge.

BLINKER [annoyed]: I was hoping you'd suggest taking a break to review "The Other Slide of Darkness."

SYNTHIA: Yeah, there's that.

• DieselMickeyDolenz wins a bottle of calamine lotion!
• Recall317 wins the second-worst book of all time: Kevin Keegan's "Keegan: It's a Funny Old Name!"
• ThomasMalthus wins M. Night Shyamalan's ode to the alternate history of "Easy Slider," "Halt Signs"!
• TemporalFlux wins a memento from that other Guy Pearce movie! I just can't remember the title... oh right, "Ravenous."
• SL4ever wins the lost episode in which an amnesiac Lenny shoots Squiggy to avenge his brutal murder of Laverne!
• Slider_Quinn21 wins a prize that our purchasing department hasn't obtained yet!
• Vigeant wins "Glugging all the Way: The Best of Jingle Fish!"
• MissingSliderRyan wins Arturo and Wade's sequel to "9½ Weeks," "Seven Days in Mayo!"
• The_Seer wins the cheesiest Sliders script ever, "The Last of Edam"!

Finally, the GOLD STAR OF OBSERVATIONAL SKILLS goes to MSR for being the first to nail that nitpick! WOO HOO!


BLINKER: Welcome to Show and Tell, the show where you tell us about objects from or inspired by "The Other Slide of Darkness"! Today I'm exercising that "inspired by" clause and presenting this mail-in token from a cereal box.


BLINKER: See, TOSOD plays as if the writers were desperately trying to appease fans with some "token" continuity without having to spend a single cent of budget on it. "We can't bring back Jason Gaffney... but we can bring back a past Quinn double! That wouldn't cost anything! And we can't use the Kromaggs with their prison worlds and manta ships... but we can throw in stock footage from 'Invasion'! Now, what implausible excuse can we use to tie 'em both together?" Not to mention how this double revelation is crammed into the last ten minutes of the show and has pretty much zero connection to the remainder of the plot.

SYNTHIA: And so it was that the continuity of "Invasion" was ripped to shreds in the name of giving fans some continuity back.

THIRD SEASON EXECUTIVE PRODUCER DAVID PECKINPAH [rolling eyes]: Yeah, like anyone cared about "Invasion."

SYNTHIA: Well, for my part, I brought in the maaaaaaaaaaaagical bag used to intimidate the villagers. Hey, wait a minute! How come the money spent on THAT couldn't have gone toward a Gaffney appearance?

[ The hosts turn towards Peck, only to see a smoky rendering of the blind seeress' face wafting up from the bag on the ground. In the distance, we hear rapidly receding footsteps followed by a door slamming shut. ]

BLINKER: Well, that's about it for us. What'd *you* bring in?

SYNTHIA: If FogBoy doesn't play this episode, there IS no justice.

TEMPTRESSINFINITY [snatching at DMD]: I believe that's mine?

- Blinker 7:-/

"If I were any more sanguine about telling you this story, I'd be glad you asked!"


Date: 09/29/2002
From: Slider_Quinn21

Bringing back the famed reply title of old...

I'm bringing the Show Bible. Please tell me where any of this episode fits in here...

No, wait...

That would've required reading. And I think Peckinpah would've had to have graduated first grade to know how to do that...



Date: 09/29/2002
From: Slider_Quinn21

A word of advice my good man...

Next time, you need to provide a link to the last game. I've forgotten what I brought and/or said...



Here's the link:

Date: 09/29/2002
From: ThomasMalthus

Here's another inept stab at continuity

Date: 09/29/2002
From: ThomasMalthus

BT! Quit ineptly stabbing me! That's the shower curtain, you moron!

Wade's flighty New Age beliefs. It would have been nice if we'd actually seen her act on any of them at any other time throughout the show's history. Or if we'd known exactly what those beliefs were. Or if David Peckinpah hadn't already hacked character continuity to shreds.


I thought about bringing Peck's original Joseph Conrad-idea-stealing script, "Lord Quinn," but it only took about three pages for Peck to realize that lost honor, shame and guilt were things his characters could never feel.

I bring a lime green baseball mit!!

Date: 09/29/2002
From: SL4ever

BT ALWAYS drops the ball!!! >:-P

<everyone staring>

<sound of crickets>

Blinker: Wha-?

SL4ever: What do you mean "wha-?" That baseball mit as much to do with the rest of Sliders as anything in this ep!

Well, except for Wade being written as a dingbat, that was all too common in Season three. :'-(

I brought...

Date: 09/29/2002
From: sliderules

Pardon me, do you have BT in a can?

I brought the make-up kit used on JOC to give him the tribal look. Ugh, bad episodes like this make me wonder simply how diseased Peck's head actually is. :-P

"Monkey. MONKEY!!!"

Da Sock's got a little known fact fer ya

Date: 09/29/2002
From: Ed_The_Sock

Beyond da fact dat BT's a friggin' mook!

Da sock's bringing da fog! Dat's right few of ya mooks realize dat dat wasn't fog, but smoke from da sock's stogie! Da sock was behind da scenes burnin' Peckinpah's mook arse!

And if ya ain't done it yet, get yer mook arse over to da otherworlds and read da sock's Season 6 ya mooks!

Somebody Get Da Sock A Beer!

Whoohoooo, a gold star!

Date: 09/29/2002
From: MissingSliderRyan

BT's got the complimentary tinfoil one.

Speaking of Eagle Eyes, a little poetic interlude.... Skip to end if you wish. :-D


In the darkness
Images of the past
People, things, death, a baby's face
"He will be your downfall!"
Plagued her dreams
Screaming out in the night
Strong arms held her tight
Comforting her through her horrors

Looking upward through
The open space above them
From the removed thatches
In the roof
Pale moon light filtering downward
Illuminating her face

"What troubles you my wife?
What is it that you won't tell me?
Will you ever tell me?
I want to help you conquer your demons"

Taking her right wrist
Into the moonlight
The small flower shined
"I have seen this before
In my youth
Who was the woman I saw
When I was just a babe?"

Once again she whimpered
Holding her close
Caressing her forehead
Murmuring comforting words
"Tell me of your past
I will help you"

Eagle’s Eyes awoke
But she had already gone to market
Sighing, he wished that she would tell him
Her deepest secrets
He wanted to help
But she didn’t want it

“My wife, what is it
That you don’t want me to know?
What vexes you at night
In your dreams?
Is it me?
Is it something I have done
Or haven’t done?
Please no secrets.”

He went with his plans for the day
Chopping wood until she came back
Then they would talk
This time there was going back
He would know everything
She had no choice

In the marketplace, Little Flower
Searched for lunch and dinner for the day
Her mind on her nightmares
Reliving her past
Saddened by her loss of innocence
Angry for her vengeance
Grief-stricken for everything she did
All in the name of revenge

“What do I tell my husband?
If I tell him everything
Will he abandon me?
Does it matter anymore?
I’m tired of running
I’m tired of forgetting
I’m tired of reliving
The past every night
I will tell him.”

Her smile returned
She found what she was looking for
Peace and tranquility
With renewed energy
She faced the day with courage and hope

Back at home
Eagle’s Eyes had steadily
Chopped enough wood for winter
His muscles glistened in the sun
Exerting under the heat
Wiping the sweat on his bare arm
Awaiting her return


I've brought the overused Peck copy of Faye Raye in "King Kong." You can't tell me that Maggie tied up to the ropes wasn't eerily similar to that scene in "King Kong."



I brought my time machine

Date: 09/29/2002
From: TemporalFlux

Sparks fly with reckless abandon from the device as white fog streams from the reinforced steel door on the front. The shaking and sparks stop...the door slowly creaks open. Blinding light casts the figure in shadow as he steps forward...

"Into the Mystic" Remmy - "Oh man...who the hell is this fool actin' like me? You didn't see me gripin' about some old Navy buddy when Madam Xanadu was readin' our fortunes."


I haven't seen it, and yet still feel...

Date: 09/29/2002
From: Recall317

...qualified to participate.

I, uh, cave with the equation for the universal field theory. I've only seen it in commercials for Sliders' debut at Sci-Fi, as I recently discovered that some of my old S8 MST3K tapes have all the original Sliders promos. I thought it looked cool and was a nice prop. And heck, we had the cave anyway, might as well use it, right?


Rummages through debris of S3

Date: 09/30/2002
From: DieselMickeyDolenz

Surprised to not find BT.

I brought a gas mask. Not only would it have been extremely useful in this episode, the episodes from here on out don't smell appreciably better.


At last the truth is told!

Date: 09/30/2002
From: Alternity_Orange

Everybody knows how Peck loved ripping off current movies, but why the hell did he steal five minutes from Apocalypse Now? It was more than twenty years old, way past the age and IQ of the viewer FOX was shooting for. At last the truth can be told!

While driving in to work around 3:00 PM on the last day of shooting for OSoD Peck crashed his car into non other than Marlon Brando! Thinking he could pull off the casting coup of the decade, Peck told Brando (who was bruised and bloody) to get in his car so he could take him to the hospital.

Arriving instead at the set Peck had a scene from Apocalypse Now inserted into the script. Who cares if it made absolutely no sense in the context of the episode, it's Sci-Fi! After ushering Brando to wardrobe and telling him they were filming a retrospective on AN and he needed him to re-enact a scene Peck was on Cloud Nine. He was already envisioning the fourth season of Sliders featuring Brando as Quinn. He thought for sure he could keep Brando around, after all Brando wasn't too sensible even without the concusion.

Unfortunately, less than a minute before the cameras were to roll, bloody Brando caught site of the craft services table and immeadiately made a beeline toward it. He ate everything in sight, including a craft services woman's arm. There was no stopping him. In the aftermath they just went ahead and filmed the scene with O'Connell. But at Hollywood parties to this day, Peck still tells people how he was 'this close' to signing Marlon Brando to a TV series.

"He understands man, he really understands!"

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