Episode Date Game Date Game
The Pilot, Part One 8/28/00 Show & Tell 1/6/04 What Would You Change?
The Pilot, Part Two 8/29/00 Moral of the Story
Summer of Love 8/30/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 1/7/04 Unknown Fact
Prince of Wails 8/31/00 Moral of the Story 1/8/04 Rename Game
Fever 9/5/00 Show & Tell 1/10/04 What Would You Change?
Last Days 9/6/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 1/12/04 Unknown Fact
The Weaker Sex 9/7/00 Moral of the Story 1/13/04 What Would You Change?
Eggheads 9/8/00 Show & Tell 1/14/04 Rename Game
The King is Back 9/11/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 1/15/04 Unknown Fact
Luck of the Draw 9/12/00 Moral of the Story 1/20/04 Rename Game
Into the Mystic 9/13/00 Show & Tell 1/21/04 Unknown Fact
Love Gods 9/14/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 1/17/04 What Would You Change?
Gillian of the Spirits 9/16/00 Moral of the Story 1/22/04 What Would You Change?
The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy 9/18/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 1/23/04 Rename Game
El Sid 9/19/00 Show & Tell 1/26/04 Unknown Fact
Time Again and World 9/21/00 Moral of the Story 1/27/04 What Would You Change?
In Dino Veritas 9/22/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 1/28/04 Rename Game
Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome 9/23/00 Moral of the Story 1/29/04 Unknown Fact
Obession 9/26/00 Show & Tell 1/30/04 What Would You Change?
Greatfellas 2/22/01 Show & Tell 2/2/04 Rename Game
The Young and the Relentless 8/5/01 Show & Tell 2/3/04 Unknown Fact
Invasion 8/6/01 Good Thing, Bad Thing 2/4/04 What Would You Change?
As Time Goes By 2/13/01 Moral of the Story 2/5/04 Rename Game
Rules of the Game 10/2/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 2/6/04 Unknown Fact
Double Cross 10/4/00 Show & Tell 2/9/04 What Would You Change?
Electric Twister Acid Test 10/5/00 Moral of the Story 2/10/04 Rename Game
The Guardian 10/7/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing 2/11/04 Unknown Fact
The Dream Masters 8/18/01 Moral of the Story 2/12/04 What Would You Change?
Desert Storm 10/24/01 Show & Tell 2/13/04 Rename Game
Dragon Slide 10/26/01 Good Thing, Bad Thing 2/17/04 Unknown Fact
The Fire Within 11/11/01 Moral of the Story 2/18/04 What Would You Change?
The Prince of Slides 11/25/01 Show & Tell 2/19/04 Rename Game
Dead Man Sliding 3/20/03 Moral of the Story 2/21/04 Unknown Facts
State of the A.R.T. 12/24/01 Good Thing, Bad Thing 2/23/04 What Would You Change?
Season's Greedings 1/3/02 Moral of the Story 2/24/04 Rename Game
Murder Most Foul 1/7/02 Show & Tell 2/25/04 Unknown Facts
Slide Like an Egyptian 1/22/02 Good Thing, Bad Thing 2/26/04 What Would You Change?
Paradise Lost 1/29/02 Moral of the Story 2/28/04 Rename Game
The Exodus, Part I 2/6/02 Show & Tell 3/1/04 Unknown Facts
The Exodus, Part II 3/3/02 Good Thing, Bad Thing 3/2/04 What WOULDN'T You Change?
Sole Survivors 4/4/02 Show & Tell 3/3/04 Rename Game
The Breeder 5/10/02 Moral of the Story 3/4/04 Unknown Facts
Last of Eden 7/29/09 Good Thing, Bad Thing 3/6/04 What Would You Change?
Other Slide of Darkness 9/29/02 Show & Tell 3/8/04 Rename Game
Slither 10/23/02 Moral of the Story 3/9/04 Unknown Facts
Dinoslide 12/18/02 Good Thing, Bad Thing 3/10/04 What Would You Change?
Stoker 1/16/03 Show and Tell 3/11/04 Rename Game
This Slide of Paradise 8/26/03 Bad Thing, Worse Thing 3/13/04 Unknown Facts
Genesis 12/12/03 Show and Tell 3/15/04 What Would You Change?
Prophets and Loss 12/30/03 Moral of the Story 3/16/04 Rename Game
Common Ground     3/17/04 Unknown Facts
Virtual Slide     3/18/04 What Would You Change?
World Killer     3/20/04 Rename Game
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?     3/22/04 Unknown Facts
Just Say Yes     3/24/04 What Would You Change?
The Alternateville Horror     3/25/04 Rename Game
Slidecage     3/26/04 Unknown Facts
Asylum     3/29/04 What Would You Change?
California Reich     3/30/04 Rename Game
The Dying Fields     3/31/04 Unknown Facts
Lipschitz Live!     4/1/04 What Would You Change?
Mother and Child     4/2/04 Rename Game
Net Worth     4/3/04 Unknown Facts
Slide by Wire     4/6/04 What Would You Change?
Data World     4/7/04 Rename Game
Way Out West     4/8/04 Unknown Facts
My Brother's Keeper     4/9/04 What Would You Change?
The Chasm     4/11/04 Rename Game
Road's Taken     4/14/04 Unknown Facts
Revelations 12/11/00 Moral of the Story 5/29/04 What Wouldn't You Change?
The Unstuck Man 8/4/01 Moral of the Story    
Applied Physics 12/13/00 Good Thing, Bad Thing    


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